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Our Programs

TFLI currently has three annual programs, which serve as mechanisms to address three target risk areas that affect underserved and underprivileged communities:

  • Sustainability of black-owned businesses;

  • Food insecurity; and

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Corporate America

At the commencement of each program, TFLI hosts an impact event to showcase to and celebrate with our communities each participant's successful matriculation through our programs. 

The GAP Program
Group of Engineers


The GAP is an eight-week hybrid bootcamp that coaches black-owned business owners on various facets of business to include organizational structure; systems, policies, and procedures; accounting; taxes; cost build up; business credit and funding; marketing and public relations; and customer service. The GAP is an ode to the three streets that ran through Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma before it was destroyed in the Tulsa Race Massacre: Greenwood, Archer, and Pine Streets. It is also the pillar of TFLI's efforts to close the wealth gap that has existed between African Americans and its counterparts since the Tulsa Race Massacre. The GAP occurs from April through May. Program enrollment occurs Sept 1 - December 31 annually.

Impact Event: Black Wall Street Black Business Expo

Everybody Eats

Everybody Eats is an eight-week summer food program that teaches financial literacy classes to K-12 students once a week concluding with the provision of one (1) box of non-perishable food items per student for the duration of the program, which occurs annually June through July. Program enrollment is March 1 - March 30 annually.


Impact Event: Back to School Giveaway

Kids Food Truck
Everybody Eats Program
BridgeU Program
College Friends


BridgeU is a 14-week mentorship program offered to students of historically black universities and colleges in Georgia to create a pipeline of diverse talent to Corporate America to increase employment rates post-graduation. Program Enrollment is April 1 - July 31 annually.

Impact Event: Scholarship Gala

Become a Pledge Sponsor

Pledge Sponsor

Our pledge sponsors commit donor funds on a contractual basis at the frequency of their choice. By becoming a pledge sponsor, you can ensure that our programming is amply funded annually. Your tax-deductible contributions help us mitigate the target risk areas in our communities and, ultimately, assist us in accomplishing the TFLI mission.

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